ServeMinnesota Has Been Part of Our State for 25 Years

Follow our history — from our launch as a state commission in 1994 to gaining Minnesota Legislative approval to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2002, to working with 18 programs and thousands of AmeriCorps members across the state. 


President Clinton Creates AmeriCorps and the CNCS

President Bill Clinton signs the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993, creating AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National and Community Service to expand opportunities for Americans to serve their communities.
Clinton and AmeriCorps members


Minnesota Commission is Established

The Minnesota Commission on National and Community Service is established as the state’s designated recipient of federal funding for AmeriCorps.


Earliest Minnesota AmeriCorps Programs are Funded

City of Lakes AmeriCorps, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, Minnesota Conservation Corps and Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation AmeriCorps LEAP program and Minnesota Alliance With Youth .


College Possible Receives AmeriCorps Funding

College Possible (originally known as Admission Possible) receives funding for AmeriCorps members.


ServeMinnesota Becomes a Nonprofit

ServeMinnesota is established as an independent nonprofit organization and no longer is part of the Minnesota state government.


Minnesota Reading Corps Launches

ServeMinnesota starts Minnesota Reading Corps to blend the resources of the AmeriCorps program with the science of how children learn to read

ServeMinnesota is surveyed by a team of experts against criteria established for high-quality state commissions and achieves an A rating.
Reading Corps tutor and student


Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP) Launches AmeriCorps Program

The Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP) is launched at St. Paul Neighborhood Network to bridge the digital divide for new immigrants and low-income communities in the Twin Cities.


True North AmeriCorps Program Begins

True North AmeriCorps in Duluth is launched as a program to tutor, mentor and provide service-learning and other opportunities to youth.


ServeMinnesota Raises $1 Million for Reading Corps

ServeMinnesota launches a Business Advisory Committee that raises $1 million for Minnesota Reading Corps.


Minnesota State Leglislature Gives Support

The Minnesota State Legislature passes legislation appropriating $1 million to support the expansion of Minnesota Reading Corps.


Minnesota Math Corps Launches

ServeMinnesota launches Minnesota Math Corps, an initiative to help 4th-8th graders achieve math proficiency.


College Possible Begins National Expansion

College Possible expands to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The program is now running in a total of six states.


AmeriCorps Grows, Thanks to New Funding

President Barack Obama signs the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, which positions AmeriCorps to triple in size.

Minnesota State Legislature passes legislation appropriating $2.3 million to support further expansion of Minnesota Reading Corps.


Minnesota Green Corps Launches

ServeMinnesota launches Minnesota Green Corps, which matches AmeriCorps members with government agencies and nonprofits to implement environmental science projects in local communities.
Green Corps members


Opportunity Corps Launches, State Legislators Support Reading Corps Expansion

Minnesota Opportunity Corps is established to help unemployed people find employment and resources as part of a larger goal to fight income inequality.


State Legislators Support Reading Corps Expansion

Minnesota State Legislature passes legislation appropriating $4.1 million to support further expansion of Minnesota Reading Corps, serving 30,000 students.


Reading Corps Expands Nationally

The Reading Corps Program began to expand, launching in Colorado and is now active in 12 states plus Washington, D.C.


AmeriCorps Turns 20, Total Learning Classroom Launches

AmeriCorps celebrates 20 years of national service.

Total Learning Classroom is launched to help overcome the achievement gap in some of the lowest performing schools in the state.


ServeMinnesota is #1 State in AmeriCorps Grantmaking

ServeMinnesota ranks 1st among all 50 states in AmeriCorps competitive grantmaking for the 3rd year running. 100% of applicants received a grant award.


ServeMinnesota Expands Mission Statement

ServeMinnesota changes the organization’s mission to include the sentence: We share our proven practices nationally.


Math Corps Expands Nationally

The Math Corps program begins national replication and is now available in 10 states.


Minnesota is #2 in Generating Members

Minnesota ranks 2nd in generating the most AmeriCorps members per capita.


ServeMinnesota is #2 in Competitive Funding

Topping $20 million, ServeMinnesota ranks 2nd out of 50 states in AmeriCorps competitive funding for the 2nd year in a row.


Law Enforcement Career Path Academy Launches

The St. Paul Police Department launches Law Enforcement Career Path Academy.


ServeMinnesota is #2 in Competitive National Funding

Topping $20 million, ServeMinnesota ranks 2nd out of 50 states in AmeriCorps competitive funding for the 2nd year in a row.


Recovery Corps and MORe Corps Launch

Minnesota Opioid Response Corps and Recovery Corps launch in order to use the power of AmeriCorps members to fight the opioid epidemic.
recovery corps


Emergency Response Initiative Launches

ServeMinnesota launches the Emergency Response Initiative to address critical issues related to COVID-19.


Resettlement Corps Launches

Minnesota Department of Human Services requested additional support in responding to the influx of Afghan evacuees. ServeMinnesota launches an initiative to support them, which inspires a new program – Resettlement Corps.


Public Health Corps Launches

in partnership with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, ServeMinnesota launched a new AmeriCorps program to increase capacity in the public health field and create a diverse pipeline of future public health employees.

10 Years of ServeMinnesota

Learn about all that ServeMinnesota accomplished in its first 10 years.

20 Years of AmeriCorps

In 2014, Minnesota’s newest AmeriCorps members took their oath from President Barack Obama in a simulcast ceremony at the Mall of America.

Solutions through Service

How can ServeMinnesota use the people power of AmeriCorps to solve complex problems? Here’s how. 

Change in the community starts with you.